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From our engineering services to our installation crews and service personnel, Reed Industrial Systems, Inc. has complete in-house control of our workforce.

When you purchase a system from Reed, you get Reed installers, Reed engineers, Reed technicians, and Reed customer service. We have our own crews, and take full responsibility of a project from quotation, through engineering design, installation, start-up, warranty, and post warranty service.

You can be assured when you call Reed industrial Systems; it is Reed Industrial Systems who is responsible for the entire project.


Reed Industrial Systems, Inc. has a solution for your TCEQ and EPA record keeping requirements.
Our APM-6 single station monitor will monitor up to 6 condtions. Monitored conditions are then sent to our PLC system which will DATA LOG these conditions on a user selectable interval.
This data can be downloaded to a simple spreadsheet or a customized report to be submitted to the permit review authority.

To learn more, please download our brochure here.